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Eagle Lake Fishing Trips - Licensed, Bonded, Insured

  • Looking for a Great place to stay at the Lake?  EAGLE LAKE RV PARK  is the hot set up!   Contact them at  or 530-825-3133
We offer %10 off your fishing trip and they will also offer %10 off your stay in RV space on the day you book with us.  The RV park also offers cabin rentals.  Check out their website

                                                May 5, 2017
           Welcome back to the 2017 Eagle Lake fishing  season!  
      We are ecstatic about the winter that has just past.  We had record amounts of precipitation!  The lake has risen over 5 feet and the current water elevation is 5096.5.  The Spalding Community Service District already has their dock in at the launch ramp and Ron has taken his first ride around the lake.  Of course there are a lot of weeds near the launch ramp, but these will clear out quickly once boaters begin using the ramp.    For the first time in many years, the Eagle Lake RV Park will be putting in their docks and will have boat slips available.    Eagle Lake is  the hot spot to fish this year.     
     The Department of Fish and Wildlife will be stocking the lake this year.  60,000 fish just before the opener, and 60,000 more in the fall.  Pine Creek ran hard and high this year, and is still running well as of May 5th.  There is still a lot of snow up above Hwy 44 near the headwaters of the creek, and DFW is expecting another foot or more for the lake to come up before the creek dries up.  
     We are really excited about this upcoming fishing season and hope to hear from you soon to book your 2017 fishing trip.  Don't forget our %10 discount if you stay at Eagle Lake RV Park. As most of you know, we suspend our telephones during the winter, but Ronnie is back in Spalding and ready for your calls.   
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